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Michael Benko

Michael is an actor, artist, improviser and fashion designer, with a legion of Facebook fans, who is motivated to bring joy to your day!


SYNTH has a background in game development & is creating interactive NFTs to try and push the limit of what’s possible within the blockchain.


JOESHPY (Joesheepy) is an engineer, programmer and freelance artist from South Wales, UK.


My journey started after realising my own attraction to digital environments & visualisations.
The longer I experimented with this stuff, the more interesting connections I saw.
Naturally, without even noticing, it lead me to becoming a generalist artist.


40 countries in 40 years. Unequally distributed; the metadata is currently reserved for absent minded purposes.


Osmodin is stationed outside of L.A. in California and has been a 3D artist working professionally since 2010, mostly with 3D illustration but also photography and music. After years of his main gig feeling more corporate and no longer having a personal connection to his art he is excited to get back into artistic self expression. His discovery of Ravencoin and it’s NFT community has been an inspiring process for him. It is a chance to explore his passion, rediscover himself and help move the Ravencoin project forward.


Hi, I am a self-taught artist, discovering new styles and techniques as I go. I like and paint both: traditional and digital, or a combination of the two.
I draw my inspiration from books, music and video games.


I want to share my love of crypto and NFTs.


Im JoJuice, started NFTs in 2021. I created one of the first videogame NFTs on RVN. Started the FUMEZ and TEETHZ series. Im a 3d artist in the field of Blender.


Self-taught digital artist from Norway. Into Semi realism, illustrations, photography, and everything in between.


Traditional / VR Artist,
Open Brush, Medium, Quill, Blender