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  • Edition Of 6
  • Buyer Receives 2 Copies
  • Interactive 3D CD Jewel Case
  • Album EP
  • High Quality m4a Download



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Anyone can listen, few can own! Limited edition EP’s from Dick Tater and the Tots!

Edition size of 6 is broken down as follows:

2 are issued to SOS On Side,
2 will be issued to purchaser #1,
2 will be issued to purchaser #2…

In other words, a purchase here at RVNFT will get you 2 out of the 6 that will ever exist… and 2 of them are already spoken for, so there’d only be 2 left! 222!

Dick Tater and the Tots was a short lived band in the 2000’s which released a few albums to all the major streaming services of the time through CD Baby- CD Baby has been great!

Due to music industry nonsense and inexperience, many decisions were made which impacted those original releases and left them compromised. That catalog is being released in its original intended form, with a few additions (e.g. videos, scores, additional album art, etc.).

All distribution has been cancelled, this music is no longer available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. It will be available free to anyone for personal use via the IPFS, and sharing the files is encouraged.

This EP is housed in an Interactive 3D CD Jewel Case created to re-introduce a physical ‘feel’ that collectors of Physical CDs, Vinyl, etc… have been missing for years with their Digital Music Collections! This ‘Virtual CD’ also comes with A High Quality m4a download of each track, all included within the NFT.

Commercial use is also encouraged (especially podcasts!) with proper attribution given, please see “Album Notes.txt” or reach out to sosonsidellc@gmail.com.

1 – Let Me Call You Sweetheart*
2 – Wake Up Feeling **
3 – Lost
4 – I Know
5 – Not Alone
6 – Rebecca
7 – I Miss You

* Let Me Call You Sweetheart was written by Leo Friedman with lyrics by Beth Slater Whitson and is in the public domain.

** Includes PDF of full score

Copyright Dick Tater and the Tots 2021. All rights reserved.
Originally Published By CDBaby
rich.tater@gmail.com | sosonsidellc@gmail.com

Ownership of all master recordings is retained by SOS On Side.

On a final note, if you’ve made it this far, you might really be interested. The 6 owners of the NFT will be the only owners of these unique pieces of (dare I say) art. Even though anyone will be able to listen to this, you will be the true patrons and retain ALL bragging rights- you’ll be the Habsburgs to my Mozart.